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Active public participation

One of the trainings offered by wTeamUp in Active Public Participation is structured in 5 courses each with a workload of 15 hours.


Trainers: Lia Vasconcelos & Ursula Caser.

Active Public Participation IIntroduction to Techniques and Methodologies


It contributes to knowledge in area of public participation by providing trainees with skills to create spaces for interaction to support broader active participation.

Active Public Participation II - Training of Multipart Facilitators and Mediators

Facilitators Training who can ensure participatory processes on the ground, involving groups of varied types of actors in decision processes, program evaluation, development of actions.


Active Public Participation III - Conflict management


It will ensure the fundamentals of conflict management and some techniques for managing them. Promote personal style knowledge as facilitator / mediator and develop strategies to overcome difficult situations and conflict.

Active Public Participation IV- Negotiation and Mediation


It provides to trainees specific tools for conflict resolution and collaborative consensus building, enabling the mediator to develop strategies to negotiate and mediate complex conflict situations.

Active Public Participation V- Participated Consulting and Marketing


It provides to participants tools and skills to stimulate civic participation in present and / or future projects. Dissemination and marketing of participation projects to be implemented in the field.

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