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Collaboration and Empowerment

Knowledge articulation, sharing and build up within decision-making processes are key and central to wTeamUp, who focus special attention on the critical factors for success of collaborative processes, as a way to improve the structure of the processes. 

Moreover, the team addresses complex controversial problems engaging multi-stakeholders with a diversity of interests, through promoting adequate spaces for the emergence of genuine dialogue and empowerment, namely: 

  • Overcome emotional and populist features of public participation;

  • Promote adequate spaces for a genuine dialogue open, transparent, respectful, constructive, creative and innovative;

  • Optimize enlarged multi-stakeholders meetings productivity through innovative techniques of management of group dynamics and consensus building; 

  • Guiding groups to clarify problems, interests, priorities and alternatives for a joint agreement,  through collaborative techniques to issue long range commitments and stable partnerships; 

  • Support the stakeholders to work constructively to establish new relationships – personal and professional and build mutual trust, to move towards better communication and facilitate joint problem solving;

  • Structure participatory sessions to promote innovative, functional and implementable solutions;

  • Make the most out of the human, temporal and financial resources

In long term collaborative processes there is a straightforward aim to assure its continuity through the group dynamics that contribute to autonomy and responsabilization of participants, open up the opportunity for the emerging of communities of practice – group of people that share something in common (e.g., a natural resource, a cultural value) and to preserve it have to pass through a collective learning process, finding up forms to jointly manage it and learning how to it better in a collaborative way.

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